TCU Energy Club

TCU Energy Institute

The TCU Energy Club was founded in 2008 by freshmen Ben Voigt and Justin LaPoten. Today the club has expanded to be one of the university’s strongest student-run organizations, now serving nearly 300 members, all from different majors, interests and walks of life.

As TCU sits atop the Barnett Shale, one of the most significant natural gas resource plays discovered in the country, it is vital that students and the community be knowledgeable about our natural resources and the emerging technologies required to access them. The TCU Energy Club helps make this possible.

Ultimately, the mission of the TCU Energy Club is to create stimulated communication between students and industry leaders in a way that both involves and educates the next generation of the energy business. The club offers a variety of opportunities for students to learn and interact with leaders in the field of energy. These often serve as valuable networking opportunities for students interested in oil, gas or energy-related career paths. To learn more about the TCU Energy Club or to join contact Dr. Richard Denne –