TCU Energy Institute

The TCU Energy Institute is proud to offer several scholarships. These are awarded annually, on a competitive and as-needed basis, to students minoring in Energy Technology & Management.

Current scholarship offerings include:

  • The George Mitchell Energy Scholars, awarded annually by Hart Energy to eligible energy minors.
  • Foster Howell Scholars, presented by the Brogdon Family in honor of Mr. Howell, to eligible energy minors.
  • The Jarvie Family Energy Scholars, a scholarship awarded annually by the Jarvie Family to a geology major with an energy minor.
  • The Dan Allen and Peggy Hughes Endowed Energy Scholars, awarded annually to eligible energy minors.
  • TCU Energy Institute Pool Scholarship, awarded annually to eligible energy minors.

All scholarships are given out once per year to sophomores and juniors. Please contact Dr. Ann Bluntzer, Director of the Energy Institute, if you have any questions or would like to be considered for a scholarship: