TCU Energy Institute

The TCU Energy Institute aims to improve the oil, gas and energy industry through cutting-edge research, community education, outreach, academic programming and professional training. We also work to raise awareness of energy issues in our country, and help train more educated, involved professionals for the future generations of the energy industry.


Our faculty, staff, students and community members are continually conducting research that changes the face of our industry. We offer on-campus research opportunities to further our energy knowledge and raise awareness on both a local and national level.

We work to train the next generation of energy professionals through research training and state-of-the-art academic programs. Currently, we offer a minor in Energy Technology & Management and a graduate certificate in Energy Management (The Ralph Lowe Energy Management Program). We also provide numerous scholarships, industry networking, internship opportunities, and research training opportunities for our students.

To explore research opportunities, contact Dr. Ann Bluntzer at