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BJL_4014 12-5-14 B Harpist Harpist 3 Harpist 2 EI ribbon cutting altTulips and fountain rees-jones incubator Rees-Jones and Energy Institute Overview of lobby Secr of State Rice real horned frog photo copy 2 Painting Rees-Jones japan tv IMG_2723 IMG_6577 IMG_6576 Core sample Energy Institute at Home Game Graduation Frog Mary Bell and Veronica Harpist 3 12-5-14 B BRAZIL 2 fall frog FB Brave August frog fans Porter talks Ken and Porter Kaplan Group interior Cross Section, display at Terra Tech Carl Kurtz and Adrian Rodregez view a sand layer road cut, western Wyoming T.BoonePickens Ken Veronica Susan and V RJH statue RJH exterior 2 Purple tiles P to P 5 photo[1] IMG_8201 energy club At NAPE with Alumns Global Visitors FWBusPress on Ken25th Anniversary Penrose Geothermal Conference, October 2013, President Dr. John HolbrookAnn, Trevor, V, and Ken with portrait15746602452_7b33589272_o