Energy Minor

Minor in Energy Technology and Management

Students from any major are eligible to enroll in our Energy Technology & Management minor. The energy minor helps prepare students for exciting communications, to economics, accounting, marketing, science and engineering careers in the energy industry.

To complete the program, you must complete 18 hours of energy courses. Requirements are as follows:

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A total of 18 credits from the programs and departments listed below is required. Students may take no more than two courses from any program or department listed below to count for this minor. Any courses taken for a student’s major may not be applied toward their minor. No grade lower than a “C” may be applied to the minor. Any course substitutions or exceptions must be approved by the Program Advisor of the Energy Institute.

Business (only two courses can count)

  • MANA 30653 Survey of Management (will not count for Business Majors)
  • MANA 30773 Entrepreneurship in Energy (Entrepreneurship Majors may not take this course)
  • MANA 40653 Survey of Entrepreneurship (will not count for Business Majors)
  • MANA 40970 Business Management in Energy
  • MARK 30653 Principles of Marketing (will not count for Business Majors)

Computer Science

  • COSC 10503 Intro to Programming (has prerequisites)

Economics (only 1 Econ course can count)

  • ECON 10223 Microeconomics or ECON 10233 Macroeconomics (only one, not both)
  • ECON 40970 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Engineering (only 2 courses can count)
  • ENGR 10033 Engineering Design & Graphix (no prerequisites)
  • ENGR 30113 Energy In our Society
  • ENGR 40203 Engineering Economic Analysis (prerequisites)
  • ENGR 40303 Petroleum Industry Overview (prerequisites)

Energy Technology and Management (can only be taken one time each)

  • ENTM 40803 Advanced Readings in Energy (need to have taken at least two “energy courses” to enroll)
  • ENTM 40903 Energy Internship (internship you have arranged. Internship and credit must be in same semester.)

Environmental Science (only two courses can count)

  • ENSC 10143 Principles of Env Science (does not count for Env. Science Majors)
  • ENSC 40193 Environmental Stewardship (no prerequisites)
  • ENSC 50703 Spec. Problems-Issues in Environmental Compliance – 3 credits (no prerequisites)
  • ENSC 50523 GIS, cross-listed with GEOL

Geology (only 2 courses can count)

  • GEOL 10113 Understanding the Earth (does not count for Geology Majors)
  • GEOL 40970 Special Problems in Energy and Geology (no prerequisites, instructor approval)
  • GEOL 50563 Prospect to Production (**Capstone Course)
  • GEOL 50423 Petroleum Geology (must have permission of instructor)
  • GEOL 50523 Geographic Information Systems-GIS (no prerequisites), Cross-listed with ENSC


  • PHYS 10503 Physics of Energy