Core Facility

3300 W. Bolt Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76110

TCU Core Facility Mission

To provide a professional partnership between students, faculty, and leaders in the energy industry through cooperation, mentorship, research, and education.

About Us

The TCU Core Facility (or “Core Lab”) began as an idea from our TCU Energy Institute’s Advisory Board and various faculty. In 2008, plans came together to have a facility to store Barnett Shale core. EOG Resources and Matador Resources were the first to deposit pallets of core. In 2010, a generous donation from Pioneer Natural Resources provided offices and a climate-controlled viewing area. Over the next five years, the 9,000 square foot facility became home to thousands of feet of core from all over the region. Today, we have a new 15,000 square foot location with additional storage, viewing and classroom space. The Core Lab, as it is widely known, is open for private viewings, tours, and research on the geology, sedimentology, petrophysics and geochemistry of core samples.

Core Lab Manager

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