Energy Club

The TCU Energy Club provides opportunities for students to learn and interact with industry leaders in the field of energy. Texas Christian University, located in Fort Worth, Texas sits on top of the Barnett Shale, one of the most significant, natural gas resource plays discovered in the United States. This discovery provides the university an excellent opportunity to provide first-hand education to students about this country’s natural resources and the emerging technologies required to access them. The allocation of our energy resources has become a global issue that will continue to affect our economy and our lives for years into the future.

The mission of Texas Christian University Energy Club is to create stimulated communication between students and industry leaders in a way that both involves and educates the next generation of the energy business. Texas Christian University Energy Club was founded in the Spring of 2008 by freshman business majors Ben Voigt and Justin LaPoten. The club was designed to provide educational events and networking opportunities to students interested in pursuing careers in the energy industry. This model has served as a platform for education on our national energy needs, resources and their appropriate allocation to ensure sustainability for our future.  Since the Energy Club’s inception in 2008, it has grown to almost 300 student members and is now one of the strongest student-run organizations at TCU.

More information about the TCU Energy Club including an application to join, calendar and media library can be found at their official website