About Us

About TCU Energy Institute:

The program is built around an integrated educational approach, which provides opportunities to take energy-related workshops, seminars and classes all colleges on campus. Workshops and classes are taught by experienced faculty and industry professionals.

Students in geology, engineering, environmental science and business may elect to pursue a minor in Energy Technology and Management. In addition, we are developing industry-sponsored internships so that participants gain on-the-job experience in their chosen areas of interest.

The rapid and unexpected discovery of domestic oil & gas from shales led to unique opportunities within the energy industry. In June 2007, as a proactive response to these opportunities, TCU created the Energy Institute.

Today the Energy Institute is a multidisciplinary academic program that integrates all of TCU’s educational resources to provide a unique opportunity for students, faculty, professionals and the industry to examine energy resources. We focus on education and research of geothermal basins, wind farms and oil and gas from domestic shale deposits.

Our Mission is to:

  • Create and promote cutting-edge knowledge about the energy industry, energy management, and energy-related technology.
  • Use this knowledge to teach and develop expertise in individuals who will enhance practices within the energy industry.